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May the love you share today

grow stronger as you grow old together

Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand

Best Wedding Photographers in Uttarakhand

Capturing Your Dreams in vivid and stunning details Matches are made in heaven and if you want to celebrate your match in a place that is no way less bewitching than the heavens, Uttarakhand is your one-stop destination. The beautiful snow-capped mountains with the majestic views make a spectacular spot for the start of a new chapter of your life, and as one of the best wedding photography services, we click all your picture-perfect moments in beautiful locations like Dehradun, Nainital, and Rishikesh along your wonderful venues remarkably.

Shooting your perfect wedding in the Land of Gods The Himalayas are known for being the home of dramatic rivers, terrains, holy peaks and rivers. If you want to get wed-locked in this wanderer’s paradise, our wedding candid photography can be your cue to remember all the wonderful moments that make your big day special. Ranging from the time you see your bride walking down the aisle for the first time to when you vow to be with each other for the rest of your lives, we capture the magic of your sacred bond.

With our wedding photography, you can pick your theme. For example, you can choose a traditional vibrant theme for your wedding shoot. This would involve a splash of colours and adjusting saturation in multiple places. Whereas artistic wedding photography involves Bohemian as well as maximalist touch throughout the wedding photo shoot. In addition to these styles, you can also discuss with youra  wedding cinematographer different themes ranging from vintage style photography to black and white or documentary wedding photography. Go for a solo groom or bridal photo shoot or get clicked with our family in the most incredible style of wedding videography, the choice is yours!

Innovation paired with trends

Do you know how wedding photos are making a swirl on the internet? Well, we do take inspiration from viral trends. For instance, if you want a bridal photo shoot  of the regal bridal entry or you want high-resolution digital images of you two doing the iconic wedding poses, our wedding photography services  can cover it all. In addition to these, we also add a pinch of our creativity to make your wedding photos spectacular.

Wedding cinematography simplified

If you think that we specialize only in static imagery, you are mistaken. We also have a team of professional wedding videographers who capture dynamic moments. Starting from your playful Haldi, Mehendi and Roka moments to your teary-eyed priceless moments on the wedding day, our wedding cinematographers excel in creating aesthetic mementoes that bring memories to life.

From subtle strokes of drama to the emotional memories that look cinematic on the big screen, we do it all! When it comes to photography and wedding videography, we use our state-of-the-art gear to build levels in your images. Undoubtedly we capture the best side of you, but the magic happens in post- processing when we add dimension to your videos and photos.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Uttarakhand for the place of your destination wedding shoot, doing justice to the dreamy fairy tale setting is no amateur photographer's feat. You have to be conscious about the palette you pick and if it’s snowing in the magnificent hills, you need a dab of hues to make the setting pop out and make it match your wedding aura. Well, luckily, with our wedding videographers, you get to strike the balance between subtle and suave. Get perfectly flawless high-quality digital images of your wedding that represent who you are and what bond you share. Don’t believe us? Drop us a messagenow to see how we can jazz up your wedding snaps!

Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand


  • Can you create a unique wedding photoshoot for my wedding?
  • Every wedding is unique, and we believe we can surely create something unique depending on the imagery you have in mind for your big day, Reach out to us and discuss our perspective for more details.
  • How much do you charge for a wedding photoshoot in Uttarakhand?
  • The charges for our wedding photoshoot vary depending on certain conditions. Please contact us with the details for an exact quote.
  • Do you also suggest poses?
  • As any good photographer, we also suggest poses. However, we also click on your candid sides. Get an online appointment to find out more.