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May the love you share today

grow stronger as you grow old together

Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand

Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi & NCR

The celebration of a lifetime- Capturing Indian Weddings in their Most Glorious form

Whether you want to relive the laughs or the joyful tears that were shed on your big day, our wedding photography services in NCR can depict your love story in the best light. Every shot is intertwined to create a cinematic touch that leaves you emotional every time you swipe through the pictures. As we have said once, we would say it again- we don’t capture photos, we capture memories.

Making the energy, emotion and affection stay for a lifetime

At Wedding Blessing, we believe the purpose of every wedding shoot is to create authentic, timeless and creative images that go into the big day. Starting from the moment when you look at your bride walking in the most dreamy attire to when you hold hands for the first time in front of everyone and call them rightfully years, we focus on the passion you two share and how it’s going to last you a lifetime.

Our Services

The best part about Indian weddings is they are a package of joy. The never-ending functions and joyful faces tell their own unique story and we capture the essence of it. Our wedding photographers capture every function and document the entire wedding according to your custom preferences and a unique theme. As one of the top wedding videographers in Noida, we take time to map out the entire wedding functions ranging from the roka and Haldi to Mehendi, sangeet, engagement and the real wedding day. Also, we understand and respect the unique traditions and customs of every household. You can call our wedding cinematographers for any unique occasion you want to celebrate before the wedding, and they would be there

Indian weddings are not our limit!

We love weddings and the magic they bring with them. We also do Christian wedding photoshoots that express the beautiful, regal vibe you want your wedding to exude. Our wedding candid photography also involves an edgy editorial style that can bring fine art and aesthetic touches to make every picture look unobtrusive and relaxed. All you need to do is get us booked and your photos will allow ample room for your personalities while you shine through your chosen location.

Want to get started?

We also do solo groom and bridal photo shoots. Whether you would want a cinematic entry of the bride to be captured on the camera with our wedding videography services or you want stunning digital images for your destination wedding shoot, we leave no stones unturned to showcase perfection through our efforts.

Need a quote for your big-day photography? Contact our creative team of photographers now!

Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand


  • Do you accept pre-bookings for wedding photography in Ghaziabad?
  • Let us tell you that pre-booking is the best way to work with us because the wedding seasons are a rush hour for every photographer. Also-pre-booking allows us to plan things out and decide on a uniform theme before we begin.
  • What makes you the best?
  • Our devoted commitment to perfection makes us the best in the industry. Along with that, we have different budget packages and you can get an online appointment with us as well. So, yes, we are a more convenient, cost-effective and better alternative to conventional wedding photographers.
  • How much do you charge for a 3-day long shoot?
  • The costs for a 3-day long shoot would depend on the venue and the amount of work your event might take. Please reach out to us for more details. We would love to hear from you.