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Planner of Your Perfect Wedding

At Wedding Blessing, we are a group of wedding photographers and cinematographers.Having our basics done right in filmmaking, we know how important it is to document that one special occasion of your life. We are based in New Delhi, India but whether it’s a picturesque wedding in Uttarakhand, a wintery pre-wedding shoot in Manali or even an intimate function at your home, we will pack our bags and be there for you. Our team consists of individuals who love the art of capturing and shooting and are up to date with the latest gears and technology. From haldi to the reception, we have your back in all the functions. We capture the raw emotions, the fleeting glances and the everlasting love in our cameras and make the memories last forever. We believe that every story and every pair is unique and deserves to be in the limelight on their wedding day. We can make that happen with our work. To know more, feel free to contact us.