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Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand

Best Pre-Wedding Photographers in Uttarakhand

The dream merchants behind the lens: We don’t click photos, we click stories

Do you always want to remember how radiant you looked before your wedding? Or would you like to remember the pre-wedding butterflies forever and ever? If your answer is a yes nod, our pre-wedding photographers can be your one-stop solution to get digital images of your bond before you tie the knot.

What makes us special?

Wedding Blessing is a renowned team of pre-wedding videographers and photographers who are passionate about their work. Ranging from capturing you from the ground with our state-of-the-art equipment to covering your emotions with drones, we would be delighted to capture the love and laughter of your wedding celebration. Many aspects make us the best for your pre-wedding shoot. Some of them are listed as follows:

• We focus on you

Gone are the distant days of the past when wedding photographers take over the mood and make the most important day of your life about their expertise. We are ace in all fields of photo and videography. When it comes to pre-wedding photography, our leading pre-wedding photographersleave no stone unturned in showcasing your unique persona. You do your thing, and our team will make you feel comfortable while keeping the focus on you.

• Cinematic experience

Do you love the grand bridal entry or the happy tears that the family members shed while you share a hug with everyone? Well, then our pre-wedding cinematographers can create a truly enriching cinematic experience for you that can make your wedding look like it has jumped straight from a fairy tale in Dehradun. The shoot doesn’t necessarily need to happen with your spouse, you can include your family members as well.

• Less posing and more connection

We know connections matter the most and if you want to reflect these connections with your favourite person on Earth, then we can capture everything through a pre-wedding videography or destination pre-wedding shoot.

• Split second moments

When you are experiencing fleeting moments or emotions, you might not have the time to notice them in real-time. Everything goes so quickly when the rush of emotions takes over. But with our pre-wedding candid photography, you can relive them again.

Searching for pre-wedding photographers or bridal photo shoots in Rishikesh? Reach out to our experts now.

Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand


  • Can you create a unique wedding photoshoot for my wedding?
  • Every wedding is unique, and we believe we can surely create something unique depending on the imagery you have in mind for your big day, Reach out to us and discuss our perspective for more details.
  • How much do you charge for a wedding photoshoot in Uttarakhand?
  • The charges for our wedding photoshoot vary depending on certain conditions. Please contact us with the details for an exact quote.
  • Do you also suggest poses?
  • As any good photographer, we also suggest poses. However, we also click on your candid sides. Get an online appointment to find out more.