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Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand
Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand

Best Pre Wedding Photographers in Himachal Pradesh

Dreamy pre-wedding photo shoot against an awe-inspiring winter landscape

Pre-wedding shoots aren’t about dramatic, picture-perfect poses or flawless makeup and exquisite clothes; it’s more like a getaway. Do you want your orchestrated destination pre-wedding shoot to be the window when you two relax before your wedding? Well, then the snowy offbeat locations of Himachal Pradesh can be your pre-wedding shoot wonderland where you get the chance to have your entire journey documented.

Be it the landscapes blanketed in snow or the rivers and hills in Kangra and Solan, you can get your pre-wedding candid photography done in some of the most mesmerizing settings with our proactive crew. The peaceful realm of Himachal can be your escapade and give you the much-needed break you need from all the wedding madness. You get to reconnect with your partner amidst the picturesque locations of Manali and Shimla while our pre-wedding photographers capture the bond that you share with the love of your life.

What makes us the best?

When it comes to pre-wedding photography, our experts have captured some of the most amazing shots ever. Ranging from high-quality digital images with a picture-perfect backdrop of mountains and rivers to rocky plateaus surrounded by forest, we have rendered our pre-wedding photography services to every couple who wants a dreamy shoot before their actual big day. We also do solos for the groom and solo bridal photo shoots so you get to announce your big day on your social media before the celebration kickstarts. Starting from the clicks to the edits, the entire process has a relatively shorter turnaround time, so rest assured about getting the photos as soon as one can have them.

Cinematic hill-station videos

Cinematography is embedded deep into our veins and when we indulge in pre-wedding videography, we give our 100% to get the best out of your candid moments amidst the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and valleys that speak in nature’s unheard languages. Our pre-wedding cinematographers find just the perfect angle to capture your best side and ranging from motion shots to time-lapse and more, we simplify videography like no other cinematographer you have ever known.

Need help with your pre-wedding photo shoot or have you been searching for the best pre-wedding videographers?

Wedding Photography and Cinematography Services in Uttarakhand


  • Can you do my pre-wedding shoot in Mandi?
  • Yes, we can. You decide the location, and we would be there!
  • Is it better to get clicked in the daylight in the hills or do you offer night-time photography as well?
  • Undoubtedly daylight does wonders to the resolution and quality, but we are masters of our craft and we can also capture you in the glimmering moonlight on the snow-covered hills.
  • How much before my pre-wedding shoot should I do the booking?
  • A month or a few weeks' booking should be fine. However, if you have some last-minute ideas, you can consult with us to check if a slot has opened up!